What new foods will we be eating in 2030? / ABC Far North

By 2030 global demand for food will have increased by 35%, to feed an additional 1 billion people and by 2050 we will have to have raised the stakes again by another 50% to feed yet another 1 billion people.

This leaves us with a growing (pun intended) conundrum, of having to provide more food, to more people, in more places, with less land, less water and less people to grow it with.

The maths just doesn’t add up, but some how we have to find a way to do it.

In this weeks segment, ABC Far North’s morning host Kier Shorey and I take a look at all things Future of Food and explore how we might grow more with less by looking at foods we might eat that we don’t now and growing foods in ways we don’t currently do, including lab grown meat, eating insects and 3D meal printing.

A vital discussion, so take a listen and then share your thoughts on what might be on tomorrow’s dinner plate (11 minutes 24 secs).

Eye on the Future - Aug 28, 2017 | 3D Printers, Agriculture, All, Food, Horizon Trends, Radio Interview
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