The next batch of major tech disruptors are… / Curtin radio

I love catching up with tech guru Jason Jordan  and this week I got to chat with him live on air on Curtin Radio as we reminisced about tech of old and speculated about tomorrow’s tech.

I kicked off with my notion that we are all Homo Cyborgs irrevocably and organically enmeshed with technology, and that the holy grail now is not the technology itself, but rather what it can do for us.

We chatted about the demise and rise of the music industry as a metaphor for business in general.

10 years ago the industry seemed on its knees, people were pirating and nor paying, music abounded but money was difficult to make, today most have succumbed to a subscription model (spotify, itunes and others) music is everywhere, bands are on the road, there have never been more live concerts, the industry is decentralised and discovery is easier and allied industries are profitably rising.

We explored autonomous cars, Elon Musk, Artificial Intelligence, the sharing economy, virtual, augmented and mixed reality and tonnes of other stuff.

This was a really interesting chat charting the past, present and future of tech and humans and well worth a listen (8 mins 25 secs).

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