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As a global Business Futurist, Morris Miselowski is an in demand Presenter and sought after international Broadcaster that can be found regularly whispering in the ears of CEOs and key decision makers around the planet for companies like MasterCard, Visa, ANZ, NAB, BNI, Westpac, Investec, Microsoft, IPSOS, Activision, BP, Oracle, Bupa, Ernst & Young, Lufthansa, NZ Tourism Export Council, Australian Tourism, Horticulture Australia, Monash University, Metricon, Built, Pharmacy Guild of Australia, Sealy, Simmons, Serta and Caltex amongst many others.

He has an insatiable appetite for new ideas, new practices, and all things future and is constantly finding incredible future driven ways for his clients and audiences to be more profitable, productive and happy. He’s curious about the world, what makes it work, and how you can make a mark on it and sees everything through the eyes of Humans, never getting carried away with the technology.

He doesn’t wear blinkers, doesn’t deal in clichés, hype or hysteria, but instead keeps forever ahead of developments across 140 plus industries, because he knows that innovation is found at the boundaries between disciplines, not by narrowly focusing in on one sphere or the hottest fad.

Morris is not headline-centric, doesn’t tow a politically correct party line and has built his formidable reputation and staggering successes by telling it just like it he foresees it.

This is why Morris has, for the last three decades, been firmly placed amongst the world’s leading futurists, thought leaders and transformation provocateurs.

His eerily accurate business, technological and social foresight’s reach millions each year, with 100 plus keynote events and workshops delivered around the globe annually, working out of Australia, but presenting regularly throughout Asia, Europe and the USA.

Morris also regularly appears on and is being quoted in the media in outlets including Hong Kong Radio 3, Times of India, CBS Interactive, The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Daily Telegraph, The Age, The Herald Sun, Sky News Business TV, Hinch Live, Technology Behind Business, Switzer, Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show, Channel 9’s Weekend Today, as well as ongoing segments on ABC radio local and national, 4BC, 2UE, 3AW, 5AA and 6PR.

Morris’s unique perspective on business sustainability, what’s next, after next and beyond next is recognised as a genuine difference-maker, if not safeguard against the inalienable truth that most businesses are only one innovation away from irrelevance.

His practical, easy-to-understand, game-changing insights, methods, presentations, workshops, board advice and action plans are made fresh for each client conversation and are dynamically drawn from a deep well of 35 years’ experiences gained across 140 plus industries; a formidable first hand understanding of business and how it works; an incredible working knowledge of the global innovation ecosystem and who’s doing what and where and from his ability to deep dive into his diverse and extensive global networks to find out what’s really happening at the bleeding edge.

Morris knows that moving forward “technology is for answers and humans are for questions” and that real change is driven by people, not by machines. He also sees that to succeed in the future we have to “stop giving customers what they want” and instead “anticipate what they need”.

Morris’s insights and foresight’s on how this will forever change what it means to be human, to live, to work, to play, to educate, to build, to travel, to bank, to farm, to use and how a business must respond to these unending changes if it is to survive, has captains of industries, entire workforces and delegates literally getting up off their seats, in awe and excitement about what the future will bring them.

To take advantage of the opportunity to see Morris live or to secure his services on a consultancy basis, act now because he is already booked well into the future… naturally

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