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Absolutely chuffed to be invited on to Ben Fewtrell’s Business Brain Food Podcast and what a great chat we had, as we explored all things future; the way humans will live, love, work, create and play; what’s ahead for business, some of the tricks of the futurist trade and the step by step methodology I use to do what I do, including my most beloved workshop: The Drunken Saturday Night.

Ben’s intro of me went like this:

“What a thoroughly interesting man we have on the show this week. Morris Miselowski has made it his business to predict the future, but there are no crystal balls and tarot cards here….. Morris is a highly qualified professional, renowned the world over. He’s worked with the likes of KPMG, Ford and Microsoft, helping them to anticipate changes in technology and human behaviour.

We were very lucky to spend an hour picking his brains about the next big things and how every business can brace themselves for rapidly changing marketplaces.

Read on for some of Morris’ top tips on future proofing:

** You must constantly take time out to think ahead. You owe it to your business and you owe it to your clients.

** However outlandish your new idea for a business may sound, if you can find a clear human need for it, you should go for it.

** Keep an eye out for incremental changes you can make to your day-to-day business. It’s better to do this habitually than to leave it too late and be forced into making monumental change for the sake of survival.

** Think about business strategy first and then look for the technology to make it happen. Don’t let the new technology dictate to you.

** Forget about the perfect long-term solution. In this day and age the ‘solution’ you need is something that enables you to grow and adapt to change.

** Nowadays your business will be one of a myriad of choices in your marketplace, so you have to learn to adapt, otherwise you will lose more and more market share.

In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

** Disruptive industries

** Centralised service provision

** “the drunken Saturday night experience”

** How best to cope with change

** The impact of Artificial Intelligence

** How google is positioning itself to collect human data

So have a listen below (48 mins 36 secs) or click here to jump over to Ben’s site and then let’s see what mischief we can create together on our own drunken Saturday night adventure.

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