Print yourself a new hip

Star Trek fans take heart, we can’t quite beam from here to there yet, but we can send an exact copy of stuff from here to anywhere.

Need a 20 piece dinner set in a hurry?

No problem!

Turn on your 3D printer at home, choose from a catalogue of available styles, personalize the colour and pattern and press start and within the hour you’re ready to set the table and start eating.

or how about printing your own body parts with the latest kid on the 3D printing block:

and if all this makes you hungry why not print up a snack on your Cornucopia Digital Gastronomy printer:

These coming soon to a hospital, kitchen, school, factory, office and home printers were the topic for this weeks chat between 6PR’s radio Perth’s Jason Jordan and myself, .

Listen now:

and listen each week at 5.05 p.m. (WST).

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