Radio ABC – FutureTech Segment – 9 April 2010

It’s raining iPad’s and in my segment this week, with Phil and Adelaine of ABC Australia’s Today programme, we start off with the in-studio debate of “will we or won’t we” buy the iPad and despite previous protests, nearly all the on air and production team are now convinced they will buy the new beast within the next 12 months.

Really interesting ‘cos a relatively new and untested device in a relatively new and unsought after product category is winning the hearts and minds of people and starting to become a “must have” device, when all before it has failed; and even Rupert Murdoch claims this little device may single handedly “save the newspaper industry”. That’s a lot of pressure for one piece of tech and as usual Hong Kong Radio Phil doesn’t agree with the hype and is waiting impatiently for the iPad storm to pass over.

From the sublime to the ridiculous the Mexican Government is set to cancel 30 million mobile phone connection of people who haven’t registered their phone ownership details with the government. Why – because they can – no really because it’s part of a crackdown on organised crime who are using their mobiles as an integral part of their drug trafficking and express kidnapping of taxi passengers in order to force them to pay ransoms and withdraw money form ATM’s – it is definitely a noble cause but is the cancellation of mobile phones going to stop this? I hope so, but I really really doubt it.

The word of the week, song of the week, competitions and even a guest appearance from my daughter as a music critic are just part of the frivolity that is this weeks FutureTech segment.

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