Radio ABC International – Today Show – Future Tech Segment

Google vs China is the topic of the moment. Will Google pull out of China? Will they stay? Should they? Did China cyberhack Google? Why did Google post the Chinese Government banned photo of Tank man @Tiananmen Square? The commercial imperative is that Google ought to stay, but given that Google has a small market share in China, is not yet well established there and is butting heads so strongly with the Chinese government, perhaps they can morally afford to take the social imperative and opt out of China to protect their perceived independence to source and distribute world knowledge. Anyway it’s an interesting dilemma that kept Phil, Adelaine, Phil Whelan (live on Hong Kong radio), Ryan Egan and Morris Miselowski talking for quite a while. Listen to the live recording of the segment.

Eye on the Future - Jan 15, 2010 | All, Business, People, Radio Interview, Social, Technology
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