A robot to challenge your parking tickets / ABC Far North, Austereo

donotpay-frontGot a parking ticket that you want to fight, but not sure how and on what grounds? Got a legal problem and not sure who to turn to? No problem leave it to DoNotPay an automated online chatbot developed by a UK 19-year-old that has already successfully appealed 250,000 parking tickets in London and New York (not yet available in Australia).

How about using facial technology to check on the health and well-being of the Great Barrier Reef? No problem, already done. Scientists are using this tech to check and compare coral on the reef at 900x the speed of any previous tech and putting together a near real-time picture of the reef’s health and well-being.

Forgotten what you were thinking? No problem, scientists believe they are on the road to being able to read your mind, with early tests undertaken by Neuroscientist Bruce Kuhl of Oregon University. He uses MRI to measure blood flow in the brain, charting neurological activity. Really interesting early days tech, using Artificial Intelligence, MRI’s and science fiction to pioneer a new frontier that will most likely take us a few decades to even begin to make sense and purpose out of.

And the last story in this week’s round of radio segments, we look at Google’s My Activity the portal that lets you see everything you’ve ever done on a Google related website and all of its subsidiaries. It’s a must try, if for no other reason than to see what kind of digital footprint you’re leaving behind.

Listen now:

Kier Shorey, ABC Far North (10 minutes 27 seconds)

Anthony Tilli, Austereo (5 minutes 54 seconds)





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