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me and robotsThe “Robot Revolution” is set to change the world’s industries forever.

We all know Rosey the robot maid in the Jetsons. However, while Robot butlers and maids seem to be the most common expectation we have of our new metallic friends, robots of all other sizes, shapes and complexities are making their debut into the world of work and play.

With an estimated 1.7 million industrial robots working worldwide and an expected 12% increase this year alone, be sure that there’s a robot revolution happening, and almost all of today’s industries will soon benefit from the robots of tomorrow; driving efficiencies and reducing costs across the board.

The medicine and health care industry will see a huge growth and surge in telemedicine, allowing doctors and medical professionals to share, consult and even operate from anywhere, as doctor’s climb inside a virtual robot and drive themselves around remote hospitals and operating theatres.

Offices and factories will also benefit from the world of advanced robotics, with remote vehicle robots jockeying their virtual executives and workers around distant and remote global offices and factories.

There will also be an array of factory robots including the interactive production robot, Baxter, who can learn and replicate any repetitive task in 90 seconds and costs around $22,000 to purchase. This gives “him” an operating cost of $3.52 per hour; the same cost as the average Chinese worker.

And while we’re on China, guess who currently has the most industrial robots working in the world yes, China and the stats tell us that for the next 10 years at least that’s not going to change – China has 70,000 industrial robots currently working, Nth America 33,000, Japan 30,000, South Korea 24,000 and Germany 19,5000 (Source IFR).

In our homes, we have already seen the march to automation with smart houses becoming more and more popular. Society is already familiar with technology that can lock your doors for you, turn on the sprinklers, adjust the thermostat and vacuum your floors.

As technology gets more advanced, your home will soon include things like temperature adjustment based on your levels of alertness, lights dimming themselves or brightening in accordance to your mood, and eventually services combining technology, such as using a search engine to look up recipes and the oven starts preheating, in the event you are in the mood to bake.

Even on our roads over the next years will start to be populated by self-driving cars and remote controlled heavy vehicle will continue to grow in popularity.

All this robot talk peaked 6PR’s Peter Bell to want to chat about robots, past present and future and for listeners to then chime in with what they would like their robots to do for them, so have a listen now and then let me know what you’d love your future robot to do for you.

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