Searching for medical cures just got easier / Hong Kong Radio 3

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg recently announced the purchase of a new scientific Artificially Intelligent based search engine Meta, that allows the best and brightest scientific and medical minds to share, find and collaborate on the most up to date research, Meta’s point of difference is that it not only quickly finds the research you asked for, but better yet finds what you would have asked for, if you knew it existed.

This potential exponential leap led Hong Kong 3’s Phil Whelan to consider where medicine and research is headed as this week we chat about the fundamental  shift away from waiting for our body to break down before we fix it, to a wellness phase of on going physical maintenance where we prevent our body from breaking down.

And just in time for this discussion comes another first, a new San Francisco based medical clinic that for a US$149 per month subscription that allows you to access medical services as often as you want. Health startup Forward uses a combination of traditional medicine and medical practices in tandem with apps and wearables to monitor patients on-going health and intervene early.

All in all a great chat, so listen now (13 minutes 33 seconds) and then share your thoughts on the Future of Medicine.


Eye on the Future - Jan 24, 2017 | Aged Care, All, Health, Horizon Trends, Radio Interview
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