Self reinvention not retirement – Living to 120 / ABC Far North and Austereo

pop_growth_elderlyThe reality is we will soon be capable of living to 100, our kids to 120 and our grand kids to 150, the world that this will happen in is literally at our doorsteps and in this new era of human longevity, we are going to have re imagine and re purpose who we are and what we do.

In this week’s segment we explore this new human era of longevity, the notion of working to 80 years and beyond, the retirement dilemma which will see us need to work longer both for income and for mental stimulation and all of this on a global back drop of another 3 billions more people on the planet by 2050, 15 million more in Australia, a worldwide change in work practices away from 9-5 to project and task and a growing middle class of consumers all placing new strains, issues and possibilities on our planet and on our lives.

How will we cope? How will we work? How will we live? These are just some of the issues we look at in this weeks segments.

Have a listen now and then share your thoughts on this brave new frontier.

Kier Shorey, ABC Far North (7 minutes 20 seconds)

Anthony Tilli, Austereo, (2 minutes 26 seconds)

Eye on the Future - Jun 20, 2016 | Aged Care, All, Health, Horizon Trends, People, Radio Interview, Work
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