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curtain 2015Want to know what 2105 holds for your business and life? Well, I’m almost done crossing the “t’s” and dotting the “i’s“, before I formally release my 7th annual trend horizon report, but I thought I’d take some of the trends out for a spin on a couple of my regular radio segments and have already had an incredible response and a tonne of requests for the white paper.

2015 theme will be a year of getting over it, moving it along and getting it done and the first year in many, that we refer less to the past years and the economic and social angst they caused and more to the possibilities ahead and to what we can create and innovate.

2015 is set to be a watershed year in many subtle but evolutionary ways, as we move from a digital world that begins to foresee and hypothesize as technology moves from just collecting information to making sense and purpose out of it and telling us what we need to know before we need to know it.

2015 will be the year that disruption becomes the norm, wisdom become more important than knowledge and feelings and intuition make a come back as the must-have management tool.

Lots more ahead and for your first insight to 2015 have a listen to the interviews and then ensure your the first to know what 2015 holds by being the first to get a copy of my 2015 horizon trends white paper – make sure you’re subscribed to my newsletter – subscribe at the top of this page.

James Lush of ABC radio Local Perth– Saturday 8th November

David Dowsett of ABC radio Local Wide Bay – Monday 10th November

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