Social Networking Moves to the Cellphone


Social networks may be nothing new to habitués of the Internet. Several years of competition among Facebook, MySpace and Friendster have generated tens of millions of members.

But now the market is teeming with companies that want to bring the same phenomenon to the cellphone. There are so many “mobile social networking” upstarts, in fact, that when New Media Age magazine in Britain tried to identify the “ones to watch,” it ended up naming 10 companies.

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Morris Miselowski’s thoughts:

The line between computers, internet, technology,phones and our daily lives is ever blurring. Many of us don’t remember a time before mobile or cell phones were the norm – I bought me first mobile in 1988 for $AUS4,400.00 and it was perceived by most as a yuppy toy with no real purpose or use.

Haven’t we come a long way in 20 years?

Mobile phones and technology are now not only integral to our lives, but for most people a permanently attached umbilical chord without which they feel ill at ease.

In the next 20 years this portable device will morph into a true personal portable assistant that will communicate on our behalf with the outside world, guide us to where we want to go, locate goods services and people for us, shop and pay for us, offer us a myriad of recreation choices and interact with us as if it was a live anthropomorphic being.

Eye on the Future - Mar 5, 2008 | All, Gadgets, People, Social, Technology