Space Age work for some

reprinted from MX Magazine -Cathy Morris

We’re not likely to see flying cars any time soon, but a job in Spaceport Traffic Control could soon become a reality.
Business futurist Morris Miselowski named this job in his top 10 list for the next 35 years.

With Richard Branson launching a commercial flight to space, Miselowski said it was only a matter of time before we’re
checking into a “space hotel”.

“We know that we are going to travel interspace over the next few decades. I think it will become increasingly common,”
he said. “It’s (the job) really something that takes a task they have now as an air traffic controller into space.”
Miselowski predicts that health jobs will continue to grow, with a technological twist.

These could include Gene Programmer, Nano Medic (implanting robots into the body), memory augmentation surgeon
and Body Part Maker.

Weather Controller and an Ethics Lawyer could also be potential jobs.

As for ethics: “What we as a society will have to do is decide how much technology we want in our lives”. Miselowski said we were on the verge of a “third industrial revolution”.

“We are in the process of changing nearly everything we know about how we work,” Miselowski said.

“The ABS tells us that today’s teenagers will have 13 jobs and six careers in their lifetime. They will work well into their 80s and they will live until 150 years of age.”

Jobs set to fall by the wayside are those made up of routine tasks, such as cashiers, travel agents, and certain roes in IT and the banking industry

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