The Starship Enterprise of sea exploration

2012_-_Coupe_SeaOrbiter-Zoom_verge_super_wideQ. What do you get when you cross the hotel Burj Al Arab and an oil rig?

A.The newest proposed kid on the ocean exploration block the 60m tall, $48m – Sea Orbiter.

This new oceanic exploration platform is being backed by some well known dignitaries including HRH Albert II of Monaco, Jean Michael Cousteau and a host of Astronauts and notables in their fields.

They believe this new platform will allow for ongoing real time ocean testing, monitoring and exploration of a place we know very little about having only explored 5% of it to date and discovered only 240,000 ocean species with millions still to be found.

This new proposal caught the eye and interest of Michael and Clare of 4BC Radio and gave us an opportunity for one of our regular catchup’s as we chatted about the why and where’s of this brave new venture.

Have a listen now:


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