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I’ve been bombarded with client and media requests in the last few weeks all asking about the Future of Australian Retail and what might happen in a post-Amazon world.

First advice, take a deep breath and calm down.

Second, think back to the hysteria of 2008 / 2009 when online shopping first hit Australia and Gerry Harvey and many others declared the imminent death of all retail stores and I’m fairly sure a decade on, we still have lots of great physical stores we can walk into and shop at and a resurgence of the local strip shopping centre.

The retail world has changed, of course and there’s been a huge uphill battle to come to terms with the new omni-channel always open retail landscape.

Some have lost the battle and disappeared. Others have joined it and won.

But those that have succeeded all seem to have one thing in common – the ability to provide an incredible consumer experience (CX is the new buzzword for this).

In this brave new retail world, we have to create opportunities out of roadblocks and take a  broader view of where the cash register has to ring.

It may not ring in store, it may ring online, but does it really matter where as long as it rings?

Physical retail still has its place perhaps it is for the immediate purchase of goods, perhaps it’s for showrooming and trial, perhaps it’s for pick up of online orders, maybe it’s to engage with an expert before making a decision, maybe it’s to build and reinforce a brand community.

The only job a great retailers has is to make sure that every customer touch-point, whether physical, mobile or online is incredible and satisfying, because that’s what causes cash registers to ring.

And this is where I picked up the conversation with ABC’ Far North’s Phil Staley in our regular catch looking at all things future of retail , so have a listen now (12 mins 24 secs) and then let me know your favourite retailers and why..

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