Driverless Cars and Scalpels / Hong Kong 3, ABC Far North, Austereo

singaporeSingapore is set to take the driverless revolution up a notch, by this week announcing it will put driverless public transport electric pods on the road by the end of this year.

We’re not quite sure where they’ll travel, but we do know they’ll hold 24 passengers each and be capable of transporting up to 8,000 passengers per hour and this seemed like a great conversation starter for my regular on air catch ups with Hong Kong 3’s Phil Whelan, ABC Far North’s Kier Shorey and  Austereo’s Anthony Tilli.

Talking driverless and electric also let us look at China’s newest auto maker LeSee, a voice activated autonomous car, that could give Tesla a run for its money. It boasts a complete LED interior that changes the display according to anticipated drivers needs, has swapped out the front exterior lights for a display bar that can project lights, indicator signals and much more.screen shot 2016-04-20 at 9.42.00 am

We also took a look at the newest tech for Surgeons in the operating theatre with a “smart-knife” scalpel that can distinguish between healthy tissue and cancerous cells and an ingenious New Jersey student who realigned his teeth by 3D printed his own orthodontic braces.

As always great chats, so have a listen now…

Hong Kong Radio 3 – Phil Whelan – (15 minutes 36 seconds)

ABC Far North – Kier Shorey (11 minutes 34 seconds)

Austereo – Anthony Tilli – Driverless Cars 26 April (2 minutes 09 seconds)

Austereo – Anthony Tilli – Surgeons Scalpel 30 April (1 minutes 54 seconds)


Not better, Not Worse, Just Different / SEBN Keynote


Future comes to Cairns – ABC Far Nth Queensland

phil staleyIt was such a hoot this morning joining Phil Staley on ABC radio Far North Queensland on the first of our regular fortnightly catch ups to chat about all things Future.

To kick us off this morning we chatted about driverless cars, what they were, how likely we are to see them on our roads and by when and what difference they may make to a regional area like Cairns and Far North Queensland.

We then turned our attention to 3D printers, their uses, abuses, purposes and when if at all we have them in our homes.

A great discussion, wonderful to add ABC Far North Queensland to my growing list of regular segments and I’m looking forward to many more great conversations with Phil and his tribe.

Listen now (15 mins 27 secs)

Chances are you won’t have your job in 2025 | ABC Local

nightlife_21_April_2015I’m pretty certain that in 10 years you won’t have the job you have today, and why would you want to?

In 2005 most people were using a Nokia phone, handling emails at their desk and believed social media, Facebook and LinkedIn were just a fad and of no possible use.

Switch to 2015, Nokia is out of the phone business, emails find us wherever we are 24/7 and social media has evolved into a multi-trillion dollar industry complete with new jobs, professions and services.

Fast forward to 2025 and who knows what we will be doing, thinking and working at and on, but the thing I’m certain about is that it will not just be what it is today.

There is a perfect storm of technology, economics, culture, politics and humanity that are all independently evolving, but when you put them altogether you have a profound movement of change ahead.

On the technology front alone there are significant backdrops that will change how, where, when and who works these include the internet of things, big data, artificial intelligence, mobile, cloud, 3D printing, machine thinking, robots, drones, autonomous vehicles, smart cities, intelligent buildings, just to name a few.

With the certainty of change, but the uncertainty of what that change may be ABC Local Nightlife’s Tony Delroy and I set out on one of our regular on-air radio expeditions to explore the Future of Work.

Will robots have taken over your job by 2025? What work will we be doing in 2025 that today sounds like a science fiction joke?  What are 2025’s most likely jobs and industries? Which of today’s professions are likely to have become irrelevant by 2030? What new professions will have $100,000 plus salaries in 2020, but most people today don’t even know exist? Where, when and how might you work in the next decade and beyond? and Will there even be enough jobs for everyone in the future?

A really great discussion made better by lots of callers sharing their experiences, fears and thoughts.

Have a listen now (45 minutes)  and then share this link and your thoughts on the Future of Work.

What will real estate look like in 50 years?

futurecity-1400x436Here’s an interview I had recently with Caroline James of on the future of real estate:

Imagine building your dream home in a day and buying it with no cash. Welcome to world of real estate circa 2064.

Here’s a futuristic sneak peak of how we might be finding, buying and making homes:

Hello Saturday sleep-ins

Fifty years from now, jostling with 100 other buyers at weekend open houses will be, well, a thing of the past.

Oculus Rift (a virtual reality headset) and Google Glass (a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display) will make 3D VR inspections of prospective homes the norm.

“The rise of mobile cloud enabled devices will come to the fore and we’ll see a slew of wearable devices including … 3D displays seen inside the lens of non-prescription spectacles,” says futurist Morris Miselowski.


Tech head agents

Tomorrow’s property brokers won’t be sales agents – they will be “ambassadors”, Miselowski says.

They will help buyers import images of their furniture to visualisations of listed properties to “make sure it fits” before signing contracts.

And if the home is not yet built, developers can help buyers digitally customise off-the-plan designs.

“Someone will come into a real estate agency in 2050, share information about what they want from their next home and the ambassador will make contact with their digital warehouse and bring that buyer into their cyberspace to collaboratively navigate the purchase process.”

“Tomorrow’s property brokers won’t be sales agents – they’ll be ambassadors.”

Goodbye cash deposits

Let’s face it: nobody walks into an agency and slaps down a wad of notes anymore. Cash is so 20th century.

But while digital money transfer is standard practice in 2014, by 2064 crypto-currencies – exchanged peer-to-peer without intermediary – will be the everyday way to trade houses.

Sydney’s Forsyth Real Estate recently made headlines when it started accepting virtual currency bitcoin for house deposits.

Read more: Sydney agent takes a bite of Bitcoin

“The fact is we don’t have much cash floating around today already and this conversation about digital currency will continue well into the future,” Miselowski says.

“The whole process will become more fluid done in a few seconds, none of this sending off for title deeds as all stakeholders will electronically put out their hands for their parts of the (purchase) pie.”


Next-gen home printers

Fed-up with that dated early 21st century kids room?

By mid-century you may use a home printer to churn out a new extension, according to latest news.

The University of Southern California is currently testing a giant 3D printer that could be used to build a whole house in less than 24 hours.

Read more: 3D printed houses – is this the future?

Charles Brass from Futures Foundation reports USC Professor Behrokh Khoshnevis has designed a robot that replaces construction workers with a nozzle on a gantry, which squirts concrete and can build a home according to a computer pattern.

The technology, Contour Crafting, could revolutionise the construction industry. It will enable production of bespoke houses on demand.

But tradespeople need not be alarmed. “Robots will certainly do a lot more manual mundane work, but we will still need humans for the craft of building homes,” Miselowski says. “It will not be like the sci-fi of our youth.”’



Morris on Sky News Business

me_and_switzer_8_April_14 The Future is an incredible space, it allows us to wonder and imagine, to invent and to innovate and to take the best of what we are and have done and mix it with the possibilities of what we might yet become.

In this Sky News Business TV segment Peter Switzer and I chat about what a Futurist is and does, explore some of the key future business impacts including 3D printing, crowdsourcing and a world where most businesses are still missing out on their innovation possibilities because they still think in silos when it comes to their physical and digital business.

Watch this segment now and then share what innovation lies ahead for your business.

Anthill Australia: The business futurist says the future is looking bright for Aussie entrepreneurs just like you

anthill_mastheadwritten by Todd Spear and reprinted from Australian AntHill .

Morris Miselowski has an eye on the future.

As a matter of fact, he’s a business futurist; that is, he specialises in using science to make predictions about the future, particularly with regard to the way we will live, work, and play in the coming years.

And, what he thinks is in store for Australia will surprise you. Anthill recently caught up with Miselowski to ask him about what the future holds. In our discussion, he proved insightful, informed, and only cautiously optimistic about the future of jobs, careers, and life in Australia and elsewhere.

The future of working in Australia

We’ve been hearing a lot of doom and gloom around disappearing jobs and industries in Australia, and certainly the average person has every reason to be concerned. But, in talking with Miselowski, you quickly arrive at the glass half empty/glass half full paradox.

As he points out, on the other side of 6-percent unemployment is 94-percent employment. That’s an optimistic way of looking at things, but he is also realistic about drawing conclusion based on such recognitions.

“The stuff that we’ve been through in the last five or six years {Referring to the GFC} really masks underneath it a huge structural shift in work, in employment – in business in general – that we would have went through anyway,” Miselowski stated.

“That’s a sort of new ‘Industrial Revolution’ that I often talk about. When you put the two things together, you end up with people wrongly thinking that the world is ending, all doom and gloom.”

Among other things, Miselowski’s website focuses on career prospects. His blog keeps up with emerging demands across job sectors, and Morris predicts what the future holds for workers, based on the data that he gathers. His research results in fascinating articles like Morris’ “The World of #Jobs”; “What’s Over the Job and Career Horizon?” and “What Future Career Would You Bet On?”
In his writings, Morris presents the intriguing idea that changing jobs is becoming the new norm.

What’s the future of entrepreneurship?

Miselowski’s blog posts have a wealth of information on which roles will emerge as the most valuable over the coming years, but what we most wanted to learn from Morris is what the future might have in store for entrepreneurs.

“The over-arching thing is that we are still coming to terms with the digital space,” he said.

“We have changed just about everything in this space. On the notion of capital raising, it used to be done in a very traditional sense. We would create a document. That document would reflect why we think we are a worthy candidate for credit, and we would take that document to a financial institution that would either give you the credit or not.”

He went on to explain how crowdfunding is changing that.

“That need is falling away for tomorrow’s entrepreneurs.They are able to go to a much broader marketplace to finance their business or idea or product. They are also able to draw information from a lot of places, from Australia and across the world.”

The democratisation of the business sector, Miselowski attests, is giving rise to a bright future of non-mainstream thinking and innovation that would not have been possible prior to the advent of the digital space.

According to him, entrepreneurs play a big role in the future economy.

The future of tech on the horizon

Miselowski also talked about the future of technology – specifically, 3D printing.

“There are so many game changers on the horizon. I don’t think humanity has seen so many game changers happening at one time,” he added.

The difficulty, he tells us, is in keeping up. These developments are facilitated by changes in cost and culture, which is helping bring more technologies to market than ever, according to him.

“The thing I love most about 3D printing is where I see it being used in medicine. We are on the cusp of doing incredible things in medicine with 3D printing,” Miselowski explained.

“We are seeing children born with faulty tracheae being able to get new ones with 3D printing within weeks of birth.”


Miselowski is also a prolific public speaker and dynamic presenter. He was featured at TedXMelbourne recently, where he presented a speech entitled “Unlearn the future.” Like everything Morris is attached to, it’s informative and visionary.

Listen to this article:

Top Gun

me_and_wayneWow what a great webcast this morning and as always Wayne pulls a great crowd of the most exciting and entrepreneurial marketing and sales professionals on the planet.

We looked at the Future of a tonne of stuff, all from a Sales and Marketing lens, including, what innovation is, the getting of wisdom, the internet of things, wearable computers, 3D printing and generally how to embed an innovation culture into your Sales and Marketing trEYEbe.

If you missed our webcast this morning, here a couple of options of how to catch up.

The first is to take a wander through my slide deck, minus the commentary, click the Start Prezi arrow key in the middle of the box below, give it a minute to load up and you’re good to click away:

and the second, is to sit back and watch the broadcast now:

Click here to read my 2014 horEYEzon trend predictions

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Unlearn the Future – Morris Live at TEDx Melbourne

To have the TEDx stage for 18 minutes is a privilege and an honor. To use this global platform to tell the story of my family’s past, to introduce my ancestors who have not been spoken of or seen in over 70 years to a worldwide audience that they could never have imagined and to combine all of this with my love of the infinite possibilities of the future and what we must each do to allow these opportunities into our lives is a gift that I will cherish forever – thank you!!

I would love you to watch it, like it and leave a comment to let me know what you see ahead and what excess baggage you’re leaving behind to make room for the future and an enormous thank you to the 1,000+ people that watched it within the first 24 hours of it being put up on YouTube.

3D Printing and Robots – the April Webinar

scinec fiction robotScience fiction becomes science fact in my BreadCrumb Innovation webinar this month as I finish off my series of three webinars on my 13 trends for 2013.

This month we took a look at robots in our offices, aged care facilities, warehouses, on the road and pretty much everywhere we look, and the heralding of the 3rd Industrial Revolution, the thing that will for ever change the way we see design, prototyping, manufacturing, retailing and every other thing we do and buy – 3D printing.

These horizon game changers need to be on every decision makers radar strategy screen and we must start thinking now how and when they may start disrupting and changing our world and business.

We also stopped off along the way to celebrate the 40th birthday of mobile phones and explore what this little invention has meant to the world and also chat about a couple of great teenagers with incredible innovation skills and what they’ve invented.

Have a look at this month’s webinar (47 minutes) and be sure to join me on Monday 13th May 2013 @ 1.00 p.m. AEST when I begin a series of webinars sharing the how, what, where, who and why of innovation, taking you behind the scenes of my BreadCrumb Innovation program and show you the step by step proven formula of how I bring Innovation and Foresight to an orgnaisation. click here to reserve your spot.