Living to 120 and working to 90 / Channel 10’s The Project

The crew from Channel 10’s The Project reached out this evening, ahead of a keynote I’m delivering in Adelaide on the weekend on Living to 120 and working into our 90’s and asked if I could take them on a tour of tomorrow in search of what a world where we all have the potential to live to beyond 100 might look like.

Along the way, we explored a tomorrow in which we routinely live to 100 and beyond; asked what jobs if any we might be doing (including my belief that there will be no jobs, as we know them); how we could possibly work until we’re 90; how we might be living; what our homes might look like; how can our superannuation and pensions cope with this new reality; what we need to do now to get ready and what else will be important to our future selves.

Incredible segment, take a look now and then share your hopes, dreams and visions for life in 2025.


This is the career advice I gave to my kids – ABC Far North

advice-for-younger-self-011The question I get asked nearly every day is “What career advice would you give your kids?” and answering it’s easy, because mine have just finished high school and this is the condensed version of what I told them:

  1. you only need to find your direction, not your lifelong path
  2. you’re going to have 14 jobs and 6 careers, not all of them connected to whatever you study or do straight out of school, so don’t worry if you get it wrong
  3. you’re going to have create work for yourself and self manage your career
  4. on top of great institutional and life long learning, the traits that will get you a job, promoted and well paid are the human ones, not the generic ones, so get good at the 3C’s communicating, collaborating and creating and then keep getting better at them
  5. be open, respectful, mindful and purposeful
  6. be the same person on the outside, that you are on the inside
  7. like every other person, you know exactly the sum total of what you know and no more, but be open to knowing more and when you think you know it all – know you know nothing
  8. be confident in yourself and your self-worth
  9. have fun
  10. take on the world

This fatherly advice was the start for a great chat between ABC Far North’s Kier Shorey and  we worked our way through the most difficult of topics, how do we prepare our kids for a future we know almost nothing about.

Love this topic, have a listen and then add to my top 10 with your own (7 minutes 57 seconds).