17 year old Kenyan girl builds kidney donor app / Radio Hong Kong 3

indexGenius comes from the most incredible places and circumstances and in this week’s catch up Hong Kong 3’s Phil Whelan we take a look at a 17 year old Kenyan school girl, who using a free laptop she received at school, developed an app to connect potential kidney donors, recipients and health care workers together, as a legacy to her recently departed Uncle who died trying to find a kidney donor.

Lots more and listeners comments as well, always a great chat, so listen in now (15 minutes 14 seconds)…


H.G. Wells – Crackpot or Genius? ABC Far North

On this back of this infographic, ABC Far North’s Kier Shorey and I chatted about the inspiration and foresight HG Wells, and others like him, bring to the rest of us mere mortals with their ability to see what has not yet been created, hypothesise on what might be, challenge us to live up to their visions and provoke us to create new worlds.



Listen now (10 mins 38 seconds) :

Here’s where you get your #brilliantideas from | 4BC

motorsport_ideaHow did they come up with that? That seems so obvious, why didn’t I think of that? I could have done that! or to quote that great 21st century philosopher Homer Simpson “Doh!”

Inspiration is truly all around us and one of my favourite sources is science fiction and that thing that we saw someone do in a movie, or read in a book, and for years without even knowing it have searched for how to turn it into a reality.

These science fiction seeds that turned into usable realities was our topic this week as I caught up with Clare Blake of 4BC and pondered about where does inspiration come from and what did we see in our movies, or read in books, that have already come true.

Here’s my list of sci-fi dreams turned into today’s reality:

  1. The hoverboard – Back to The Future 1989 back-to-future-hoverboard-3
  2. Google Glass – Back to The Future 1989 bask glasses
  3. Bionic Eyes / Ears / Limbs  – Million Dollar Man 1974 640_bionic
  4. Gesture Controlled Computer – Minority Report 2012 Minority-2
  5. 3D Home Printing – Bugs Bunny Cartoon 1954
  6. 3D Printing – Star Trek 1966 replicator
  7. Androids –  Star Trek 1966 data1-660x880
  8. Tricorder –  Star Trek 1966 Medicaltricorder_2379
  9. Mobile Phones – Star Trek 1966
  10. Handheld Computers – Star Trek 1966
  11. Flying Cars –  Jetsons 1962 jetsons
  12. Space Rocket Launch – Women in the Moon 1929 frau-im-mond-2
  13. Robots – R.U.R. play by Karel Capek 1924

and callers added to this list, including Richard who told us about this 1928 Charlie Chaplin movie poster apparently showing a women walking in the background using a mobile phone.


Who said TV was bad for you?!

Have a listen to the segment now (19 minutes) to hear what today’s versions of these sci-fi inspired tech are and then share or like this to add to the list of what technology you’re waiting to come true from a movie or book you’ve read.



Unlearn the Future – Morris Live at TEDx Melbourne

To have the TEDx stage for 18 minutes is a privilege and an honor. To use this global platform to tell the story of my family’s past, to introduce my ancestors who have not been spoken of or seen in over 70 years to a worldwide audience that they could never have imagined and to combine all of this with my love of the infinite possibilities of the future and what we must each do to allow these opportunities into our lives is a gift that I will cherish forever – thank you!!

I would love you to watch it, like it and leave a comment to let me know what you see ahead and what excess baggage you’re leaving behind to make room for the future and an enormous thank you to the 1,000+ people that watched it within the first 24 hours of it being put up on YouTube.