Future of Work / Channel 7 Sunrise

We are transitioning from Homo Sapiens to technologically tethered Homo Cyborg’s that will live to 120 and work to 100.

In this evolving world of tomorrow how we work, where, when, for whom and how will all change, as will the notion of work itself.

Beyond this is the reality that we will have 7 careers and 40 jobs, not in the traditional 9-5 manner of the last 150 years, but most likely a number of them undertaken simultaneously, some for income, some for career and self enhancement, some for philanthropy, some just for fun, but what we do know is that nothing will be as it was, but at its core it will still be Human-centric and still tied to the need of self fulfillment and purpose.

In this morning’s return to Channel 7’s Sunrise, I explore the future work landscape and answer what today’s kids need to do, to ready themselves for the world that will create, live in and grow.

Unlearn the Future – Morris Live at TEDx Melbourne

To have the TEDx stage for 18 minutes is a privilege and an honor. To use this global platform to tell the story of my family’s past, to introduce my ancestors who have not been spoken of or seen in over 70 years to a worldwide audience that they could never have imagined and to combine all of this with my love of the infinite possibilities of the future and what we must each do to allow these opportunities into our lives is a gift that I will cherish forever – thank you!!

I would love you to watch it, like it and leave a comment to let me know what you see ahead and what excess baggage you’re leaving behind to make room for the future and an enormous thank you to the 1,000+ people that watched it within the first 24 hours of it being put up on YouTube.

Radio ABC International – Today Show – Future Tech Segment

Busy busy show this week, starts off with new Intel core processor announcements and more rumours about Apple’s impending release of a tablet from Danny Gorog and then moves on to discuss the $999 apple Iphone app from BarBri that sets a new benchmark for app pricing and buyer acceptance; before joining Phil Whelan on Hong Kong radio to discuss vertical farmers, body part makers, memory augmentation surgeons and some of the other jobs of the future and as usual quizzes, laughs and great conversation with Phil Kafcaloudes and Adelaine Ng as Morris Miselowski joins them for his weekly FutureTech segment. Recorded live 22 January 2010. Listen live each Friday at 11.35 a.m (Aust EST).