17 year old Kenyan girl builds kidney donor app / Radio Hong Kong 3

indexGenius comes from the most incredible places and circumstances and in this week’s catch up Hong Kong 3’s Phil Whelan we take a look at a 17 year old Kenyan school girl, who using a free laptop she received at school, developed an app to connect potential kidney donors, recipients and health care workers together, as a legacy to her recently departed Uncle who died trying to find a kidney donor.

Lots more and listeners comments as well, always a great chat, so listen in now (15 minutes 14 seconds)…


Founding fathers, open source & willy wonka / Radio Hong Kong 3

open_source_10932Lots bubbling out there and in my regular catch up with Phil Whelan of Hong Kong Radio 3 we took a look at some of the stories catching his eye and some of the stuff I’m speaking about and working on.

index This week we marked the sad and untimely passing of Satoru Iwata, Nintendo’s Chief Executive, who died on Saturday at the age of 55 and asked whether he was part of the founding father group that shifted game playing off our television and large fixed screens  into handheld consoles and then into our mobile phones heralding a new era in video gaming. He was also responsible for normalising gaming taking it out of just being for gamers and instead made it something that many people do in between doing other things.

We also took a look at another almost overlooked event and marked the anniversary of the open source revolution which began today in 1992. This hippy start-up rebelled against the large corporates that demanded we buy their costly, bloated and flawed mainstream software and instead insisted that those that right the code have the right to share that code at no cost. This revolution led to Linux and many many others and to me is the precursor of today’s smart phone apps and the general approach to software today of low or no cost, constant updates and alternate revenue models.

We then turned our attention to an earlier piece on I did on some other media interviews this week the Willy Wonka elevator which Phil thought in a congested city like Hong Kong may offer some new building possibilities.

As always a fun chat, lots of topics, opinions and laughs, so have a listen now (8 mins 23 secs).


What’s new? | Radio 3 Hong Kong

hk-skyline-1On the anniversary of the CD players Phil Whelan of Radio 3 Hong Kong and I used our regular catch up to reminisce about our changing listening habits and the things on which we have consumed music and what tomorrow’s devices, music and radio stations may be.

We also took a stroll through some of the new wearable devices on the horizon and the resurgence of wearing the humble old wrist watch.

As always a great segment, have a listen now (13 minutes)…

Everything old is new again – Radio 3 Hong Kong

For many years I did a weekly segment on ABC Radio Australia live into Hong Kong_DSC8555 Radio’s Morning Brew Show with Phil Whelan and on my recent trip there I couldn’t resist going live into studio with Phil and reminiscing about the old days and more importantly catching up on all things Future.

Just like the old days, our conversation meandered and veered down the paths of what a Futurist is and does, future tech, gadgets, cell phones, wearable technology, 3D printing, society, food, the pitfalls of new tech and new thinking and generally where our world is headed and is that a good thing or not, as well as hearing from his Hong Kong listeners on their thoughts of future tech and the world ahead.

Have a listen now…