Start Fast and Slowly Go Faster

Start Fast and Slowly Go Faster

Recently I took a group of 22 business women and men on a 7 day escorted innovation safari / trade mission deep into the heart of Israel’s Silicon Valley to discover, explore and find bleeding edge technologies and the people inventing them.

We explored the areas of AI, IoT, Health, Social Entrepreneurship, Blockchain, Mobility, Cybersecurity, FinTech and more and found technology that untangles traffic in real time, truly portable blood testing devices, the potential for invitro fertilisation with a 66% surety, AI and street cameras keeping us safe in real time, water purification systems for use in developing nations; a small device that when inserted into the soil monitors 24/7 soil condition, irrigation, root condition, fertilisation and more and these were only some of the feast of innovation, inventors and thought leaders we were privy to.

But as well as discovering incredible new tech, we also received a far more important gift, an understanding of why a country with only 8 million people, that has been in existence for 70 years and has no natural resources is able to lay claim to an innovation culture that makes 350 of the Fortune 500 companies want to set up offices and R&D departments there; where 700 start ups commence each year and at any time there are over 7000 active start ups many of whom go on to great success and even unicorn status.

Both the technology and the transferable lessons, of how to take a place, a company or a person from what seems like an impossible under-resourced position and turn them into a profitable, world renowned innovation machine are there for the taking and in this 1/2 podcast tour I share with you both the amazing bleeding edge technologies that we discovered and also the innovation lessons we learnt.

So get yourself a cup of coffee, sit back and let me show you around Innovation Central – Israel

Experience the Future for yourself, spend 8 days touring Silicon Valley Israel – Innovation Safari


The most often asked question I get is “where do you get your information from” and I always stumble over an answer, not because I don’t want to share, but because everyone’s looking for a fountain of future wisdom and it just doesn’t exist, but one of my most trodden paths to future discoveries is not through reading about it, but rather by experiencing and living it firsthand and that’s why I travel extensively visiting often with bleeding edge thinkers, doers and investors.

So, after much behind the scenes efforts, wrangling, cajoling and networking this morning I’m launching the most audacious innovation offering of my 34 year foresight career and adding to my repertoire of consulting, speaking and advising on the future with a hands on 8 day tour of the future, so here’s my kickoff blast out……



I am so excited but its taken me 34 years to achieve it, and now for the first time ever I can do much more than talk to you about innovation and the future, I can actually take you to it and introduce you to all the amazing people who are creating it.

So here’s the most incredible offer I’ve ever been able to make, I want you to join me on an ultra exclusive, absolutely rare

8 day Innovation Safari to Israel’s Silicon Valley – 10th- 18th October 2015.

I’ve sat for here days trying to figure out just the right words to use to convince you to come with me on the most extraordinary trip of your business life.

I could tell you about an 8 day trip to Israel’s Silicon Valley to explore innovation first hand, to meet, hear, speak and network with some of the world’s most incredible entrepreneurs’, innovators, nerds, geeks, professors, politicians, business titans, investors and the every-person.

How from each incredibly open and willing-to-share person you’ll hear about their innovation and entrepreneurship journey. About their struggles and successes. You’ll explore what’s at their innovation and business heart. What innovation is to them. Where the spark of their idea came from. How they chased it down. How and where they found money and resources. How and where they found their great collaborators and champions. How they structured their businesses to grow and scale and how they have failed and achieved along the journey.


And through these 30 plus personal insights our select band of intrepid entrepreneurs will come to better understand the beating heart of innovation and find themselves forever different.

I could tell you that earlier this year I took this journey alone and met with one of Israel’s largest angel investors, who shared openly with me his journey of selling Waze, the world’s largest community based traffic and navigation app, to Google for a billion dollars.

How my adventure continued on to Bar Ilan University to meet with a fellow futurist, Israel’s most lauded and awarded foresight thinker, where we talked and explored all things virtual, played with 3D immersions and oculus rift and delved deep into the human psyche behind innovation and risk.


I could tell you about my afternoon at my own private pitch club, where Israel’s premier incubator organised for me to hear about tomorrow’s ideas – today, directly from those inventing them.

I could tell you how this experience changed my perspective on innovation. Given me a sharper and more pragmatic insight into what’s really ahead and where and when to expect it. I could tell you how this has dramatically changed the advice I’m giving to my global clients and speaking about in board rooms, conference and in the media.

But that’s just it, I don’t want to tell you. I want to show it to you and share it with you.

So here’s’ the crux of it…..a tour as unconventional as this, as purposeful and powerful as this, can’t be sold by a conventional brochure, itinerary, list of hotels, or impressive snapshots, you have to want it and trust in it.


Sure we’ll stay in great hotels, have great all-inclusive meals. Breakfasts with each other every day. Lunch in a different board room each day and dinner out and about with not just us and a great bottle (or three) of wine, but with different invited guests each night there to provoke, extend, inform and challenge us.

But here’s’ the kicker, the final itinerary and who we see won’t be set until we know who’s coming along.

I’ve partnered with Israel Australia Chamber of Commerce, and they have a vast and proven record of organising these experiences and having them attended by CSIRO, NAB, Telstra, Macquarie Bank, Coles Myer, Monash University, State and Federal Government Ministers, and countless other big brands, companies, universities and government officials.

But this safari is just for us, the true innovator and entrepreneur. I’ve reengineered the tour and turned it into a safari, so that together we can hunting for innovation. I’ve gotten rid of all the fluff and pomp and ceremony to make it 100% business practical and to provide a true ROI for your time and effort and I’ve even asked them to do to hold off finalising the itinerary, so that together we can purpose build it for us, based on who you want to meet, see and hear.

I will ensure we see and meet those that we should and must. That we learn deep lessons from the Israeli innovation ecosystem that we can take back to our businesses. That we hear from the politicians and investors about what they see ahead and that we spend quality time with the most audacious of trailblazers trying to get inside their head and their thinking.

But I also want to ensure that every person coming along gets to hear about, see and meet someone from their industry or interest area, so I’ve also set aside one afternoon for us each to have our own meetings with counterparts, contacts or businesses, either of your choosing, or recommended to you and set up for you by the Israel Australia Chamber of Commerce.

book-me-a-seatAnd to make sure you’re ready to squeeze every ounce of innovation juice from your Innovation Safari I’m going to teach you how to be your own Futurist. I’m going to give you a crash course in Foresight 101 and share with you my shortcuts and insiders secrets and tips into how I pick trends, interpret them and make profit from them.

I’m going to give you the foresight tools, language and insights you’ll need to find, understand and interpret the horizon signals for yourself, as well as pledge to stand side by side with you throughout the week and coach you to ensure that you don’t miss any of the learnings, insights and opportunities and also provide you with ongoing translations from geek and nerd into plain pragmatic profitable business English.

This tour is not for the faint hearted.

It is for Captains of Industries, tomorrow’s thought leaders, ferocious entrepreneurs and boundless influencers who refuse to wait for their industries and business to be disrupted, or even worse be made irrelevant, and who instead demand to do their own disrupting.

If you are sick of just talking, reading and guessing about innovation and instead want to breathe it, experience it firsthand and roll around and get dirty in it, then this 8 day Innovation Safari to the heartlands of the world’s second largest silicon valley, is the business journey you’ve been waiting for.


I truly hope that you will join me in Israel on the 10th October for an incredible 8 day Safari into the heart of innovation so that together we can see what beyond tomorrow might look like for our business and ourselves.

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Morris Miselowski
Founder and Lead Futurist
Eye on The Future




Why is Israel the worlds second largest silicon valley? | ABC radio

Start-Ups-in-IsraelFor a country of 8 million people, with all the issues and concerns going on around it, it’s difficult to fathom why a country like Israel looms so large in the technology space and carries the title of the world’s second largest silicon valley.

Tim Holt of ABC radio South East NSW was keen to explore this further and we chatted about some of the underlying structures that may have contributed to this including the Governments willingness to spend 4% of its GDP on Research and Development (Australia spends approx 2.4%) and back innovation as a key economic stimulus.

We explored the world of digitisation, the notion that everybody and soon everything would be discoverable with the ability to connect to each other and our belongings.

Very soon waking up in the morning will trigger a cascade of routine activities to occur in your home from heating to opening blinds, to showers turning on to breakfast being started and then on into the car and through your day, each activity being analysed to ensure that all that you want to do and have to do can be done and suggesting and making adjustments for you as in advance of you even knowing you need it.

Evidence of this was clearly demonstrated at the Consumer Electronic Show earlier this year and we chatted about Samsung’s desire to own this new frontier and their demonstration of it.

Our chat then turned back to Israel to look at new technologies like Waze that has not only changed the way they drive, but anecdotally changed their motoring habits and along the way picked up a cool $1 billion from Google which as of this morning has announced that Waze will now be preloaded on all new android devices.

IMG_4346We also took a quick tour through Bar Ilan University to meet with some fellow futurist and to try on Occulus Rift virtual glasses allowing me to soar above the desserts and dive into the oceans all from the comfort of my university arm chair.

We finished our chat by asking the perennial question: “why can’t we do this in Australia?”

My answer is always the same – we do and we are, but there isn’t the funding, interest or apolitical backing to see us truly take advantage of the brilliant minds and innovations we have in Australia.

Let’s turn this around and collectively demand that innovation receives more funding, more kudos and greater importance, if Israel can land $16.4 billion of tech sales last years imagine what Australia can do!

Have a listen now (20 minutes) and then share your thoughts…