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halth_&_wellness_chronologyIn anticipation of delivering a keynote on the Future of the Health and Wellness Industry to a large Pharmacy Association on the weekend, I sent out this media release and was inundated with interview requests, giving 11 interviews around Australia in 36 hours.

How technology will revolutionise the health industry.

Paradigm shift from Healthcare to Personal Wellness

Australian futurist, Morris Miselowski, one of the world’s leading business visionaries, believes the key to better health care could already be in your pocket, with doctors soon set to prescribe iPhone apps, instead of pills.

Health and wellness applications on smartphones are already big news, and are dramatically changing the way we manage our personal health and everyday wellness.

However, Morris predicts we are approaching a ‘perfect storm’ when health apps truly reach the mainstream, fueled by an ageing population demanding assisted technologies, a continued downward pressure on government health budgets, as well as a growing phenomenon of more patients accessing online diagnostics.

While many of us are already familiar with ‘health’ apps, available on iTunes, we will see a growing trend towards doctors actively “prescribing” apps, typically under direct supervision, to monitor and motivate more complex health issues.

Morris Miselowski says: “Technology in the healthcare environment is without doubt revolutionising the way the system works and creating extraordinary efficiencies as well as challenges. It is a trend that will help offset some of the financial burden from government to the individual. The more we can motivate our population to invest in preventative health measures, the better it is for all of us”.

and here’s just some of the many interviews this release generated, take a listen to some of them to see how ready and willing we are for this evolution and how it will change everything we know about the way medicine, health and wellness is provided.

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