Talking Smart Fridges @ #CES 2016 / It’s Just Not Cricket – ABC

samsung-refridgerator-ces-2016-2000-7454 Who can resist a talking smart fridge, not Glynn Greensmith of ABC’s It’s Just Not Cricket, who in one of our increasingly regular chats wanted to explore Samsung’s smart fridge on display at this years CES (Consumer Electronic Show) in Las Vegas.

For decades we’ve been promised an “all-knowing” smart fridge that lets you what it has inside of it and what it needs and this year we’ve seen the release of Samsung’s 3rd attempt at creating this with its AU$6,860 four door, 54.6cm gorilla glass touchscreen panel Chef Collection Fridge.

This offering will one day be hooked up with Amazon’s Alexa cloud connected Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistant (although most probably not for another 12 months or so – even though it seems like a couple of simple lines of coding could do it now) to give you voice and additional smarts.

The voice activation coupled with the large screen would let you say “Alexa, check the milk” or “Alexa, play my favourite song, or “Alexa find me a You Tube on how to make chocolate biscuits” and off it goes.

Off site you use your phone app to look inside your virtual fridge to see what you have and don’t have. This is done by the fridge using a set of internal cameras to snap a shot of your contents each time you close the fridge door.

Additional soon to be features will add Pandora for music streaming, Sticki for shared family calendars and the ability to hook your fridge to a smart TV and all things internet.

In some limited geographies you’ll also be able to use MasterCard grocery to directly purchase from your fridge and Instacart to order groceries direct from WholeFoods.

Although this tech is not quite there, it is a hint of what’s to come. Samsung is well on the way to fulfilling its promise to make all of its products “Internet of Things” ready by 2020, manufacturers and suppliers are beginning to explore the possibilities and consumers are slowly warming to the idea.

Lots more to cover at CES so be listening next week as I do a wrap up on all things CES 2016, but for now have a listen to this segment (11 minutes 26 seconds).

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