The education system is strangling our kids / 6PR, ABC Wide Bay, ABC Far North

4738992473_38ff2f7971Today’s students will live to 120, have 6 careers and 14 jobs and work into their 90’s in industries that we haven’t even begun to imagine, doing tasks that we don’t yet know we need.

With an education system built on rote learning, the 3 R’s and a set of entrenched structures all developed for a past world of pre digital needs, jobs and outcomes – it’s so last century.

In this century, certainty is uncertain.

We have already seen traditional white and blue-collar jobs taken over by robots and artificial intelligence; as industries of old topple and fledgling new industries emerge.

If our children are to survive in this brave new world, then we must rise above partisan politics, legacy systems and tired curricula and re-imagine what an education system based on the 3C’s – creativity, collaboration and communication might look like and what life, work and jobs of the future may be.

Have a listen now and then share your thoughts on the education system and its ability to prepare our children for the great unknown.

Phil Staley ABC Far North Queensland (18 minutes 51 seconds – 24 August 2015)

David Dowsett – ABC Wide Bay (7 minutes 22 seconds – 24 August 2015)

6PR’s Chris Ilsley (13 minutes 56 seconds – 18th August 2015)

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