The Future of Sales and Marketing with Wayne Berry and Morris Miselowski – Free Webinar.

On a gorgeous Melbourne sunny day (yes we do have them) my mate Wayne Berry of Top Gun Business Academy (one of the world’s foremost advisers and trainers in sales and marketing) and I were chatting about how the world of sales and marketing had changed and future gazing into what it may become.

Before we knew it the morning was gone and our conversation had turned into a panoramic landscape of future opportunities hovering out there in futureland ripe for the picking, but largely unknown and definitely underutilized and we both knew that we had to share these insights with our colleagues, clients and friends.

me_and_wayne click on the image to eavesdrop on our conversation

So the idea was hatched, a FREE 45 minute global interactive webcast on Wednesday 29th January at 8.00 a.m. (AEST) on the Future of Sales and Marketing with Wayne looking at the process, structure and how-to of selling and me at the future landscape of business and innovation.

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On our 45 minute journey next Wednesday into the future we’ll stop off and take a look at:

  • what digital and physical business and marketing really is and will become;
  • how to continuously mine the internet for incredible customer insights, leads and information;
  • how to sell and manage across different cultures, expectations and time zones;
  • how to bring continuous stress free innovation to everything you do;
  • how and where to find others to partner you on your journey;
  • an overview of my key 2014 business trends and
  • how to get your technology to become really useful by making great decisions for you, and
  • answer lot’s of your questions and start lot’s of conversations

I’m so looking forward to continuing my chat with Wayne on Wednesday 29th January at 8.00 a.m. (AEST) and hope you can join us for what I know will be an inspiring and business changing conversation.

To book your spot or to take a look at the promo video click here.

Looking forward to seeing you online next Wednesday.

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