The future often takes a while to catch up with the present /

indexI know this is a tad self-indulgent, but I do love it when something I’ve suggested a few years ago finally finds its time and place…

“A few weeks ago, Smithink conducted an interesting workshop in Melbourne on “Outsourcing”.

Kane Munro of Deloitte delivered the key-note address “A real world experience of utilising outsourcing”.

In his presentation, Munro referred to an article in the Charter Magazine in 2012 by Morris Miselowski, a futurist: “By 2020, relationships between organisations, people and service providers will be far more intimate. Accountants will be part of an individual’s advisory group, and statutory requirements will be outsourced to some other country or person – that’s a fundamental shift.”

Kane also indicated that accountants are facing increased competition from a number of sources, including accountants who have already embarked on outsourcing, as they now have cheaper operating costs. In some instances, accountants who are outsourcing are utilising their cheaper operating costs to successfully market their services to clients of accountancy businesses which are not offering services at a lower rate”. reprinted from

Moral of the story: Don’t be too eager to say “never”, instead try using “not yet”.

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