The Weekender – 6PR Radio – Jobs of the Future

Body part maker, nano medic, transhumanist designer, vertical farmers, pharmers, memory augmentation surgeon, social networking worker are just some of the new careers that will emerge over the next 20 years. Add this to the imminent avalanche of baby boomer retirements, the Gen Y & X entry to the corporate boardrooms; a move to decentralised workplaces (by 2018 aprox.40% of workers will not work from a fixed office address); the global workplace tilt towards insourcing, outsourcing, crowdsourcing and crowd filtering and we have a new world of work rising on the horizon. These were just some of the issues that Brendon Weselman of Perth radio’s 6PR and Morris Miselowski chatted about in their on-air interview. Recorded live 17 January 2010.

Eye on the Future - Jan 17, 2010 | All, Business, Innovation, People, Radio Interview, Social, Technology
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