Everything old is new again – Radio 3 Hong Kong

For many years I did a weekly segment on ABC Radio Australia live into Hong Kong_DSC8555 Radio’s Morning Brew Show with Phil Whelan and on my recent trip there I couldn’t resist going live into studio with Phil and reminiscing about the old days and more importantly catching up on all things Future.

Just like the old days, our conversation meandered and veered down the paths of what a Futurist is and does, future tech, gadgets, cell phones, wearable technology, 3D printing, society, food, the pitfalls of new tech and new thinking and generally where our world is headed and is that a good thing or not, as well as hearing from his Hong Kong listeners on their thoughts of future tech and the world ahead.

Have a listen now…




Eye on the Future - Sep 23, 2014 | 3D Printers, All, Augmented Reality, Business, Gadgets, Health, Horizon Trends, Innovation, Radio Interview, Social, Technology, Wearable Technology, Work
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