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listening-to-jplantsThe last silent digital bastion has fallen with the United States announcing that it will soon allow electronic devices to be used on-board aircraft during takeoff and landing, in the same week we have seen 300,000 gamers helping scientists undertake genomic research by playing Philo.

The world is definitely changing and in our radio segment this week David Dowsett and I chatted about these stories as well as Chinese scientists who have created internet access through light globes; a scientists that has invented a way to hear plants speak and communicate and another group of scientists who are 3D cataloging all the world’s great structures and digitally storing them should we ever lose the real thing and have to rebuild them from scratch.

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Eye on the Future - Nov 4, 2013 | 3D Printers, All, Gadgets, Health, Innovation, Radio Interview, Social, Technology, Transport
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