Tomorrow’s Cars

It’s always a great interview when Radio ABC Perth’s James Lush is asking the questions and in this weeks regular catch up, we chat about the future of cars and transportation from now through to 2055.

Right now we have connected cars on our roads that use our mobile phones Bluetooth to form a bridge between to the digital world and receipt of information on board.

On the horizon and in some showrooms already we can already buy semi-connected cars that may park themselves, check road conditions, alert us to issues and undertake other routine tasks, but the real fun starts in just a few years from now.

Some time in the next five (5) years we are likely to see autonomous cars that can drive themselves come on to our roads. A number of manufacturers are well on the road to building these and even Google has a prototype that’s clocked up some 400,000+ hours of on road tests.

These kinds of advances, herald in the next evolution in an incredible 120 years automotive history.

We are told that by 2025 semi autonomous cars (which will only account for about 15% of all cars sold worldwide)  will result in 1.8 million road deaths globally, a 15% increase in fuel efficiency, reduced wear and tear on our cars and roads and likely to change road usage and habits.

Fuels were also on the table for discussion this morning with the reality as stated in this CSIRO forecast being that petrol through to 2055 will still be our major fuel.




Have a listen to the full chat and let me know your thoughts on tomorrow’s transportation.



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