Trust, Is Love Rebranded

The Future of Trust

Trust is the most basic of human emotions, but in today’s hectic, growing, always on and exposed world it’s difficult to know who or what to trust.

For millennium we have trusted family, school, religion and society to be our moral compass and trust guide, but increasingly we are seeing each of these institutions falter and fall.

Add to this a burgeoning digital world where blind trust is often artificial and manipulated, where numbers are used to measure and project trust and where millions of online influencers, both human and bots, offer opinions to persuade us to friend them, believe them, buy from them, or promote them.

How will business and individuals engender and maintain trust?

Who, why and what will we trust in the future?

Exploring this fascinating evolving landscape Morris exposes the changing trust bonds between humans to humans, technology to humans, humans to technology and technology to technology, outlines the six (6) elements of trust each of us needs to have and project and shares how to gain, nurture and spread trust in a human-centric future world.