Unlearn the Future

2013-12-03 17.39.55Wow, I just came off stage at TEDx Melbourne and it’s way to early for the video recording, but here’s the slide deck and a scractchy audio recording of my 18 minutes.

My main takeout message is that we are so full of the past that we don’t have room for the future.

If we are going to over-respond to the challenges ahead of educating, feeding, housing, providing meaningful work, social interactions, transportation and social and economic equity across the globe, we can’t do it solely by what we already know, have and do (or we would have resolved it already), we must add to it tomorrow’s innovation possibilities, take into account tomorrow’s needs, tomorrow’s culture and tomorrow’s thinking and ensure that we listen to the past and speak to tomorrow.

Audio recording (apologies for the poor quality):


THANK YOU to everyone that was at TEDx Melbourne yesterday, came up to me afterwards and have contacted me since. I am overwhelmed and humbled by your responses and feedback and exhilarated that so many of you are up for the challenge of designing a future that we can all be proud of – now let’s go do it!!!.

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