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helpx-largeOn the back of a keynote I’ve delivered on the Future of Driving and Car Parking, we sent out this media release and have had a huge reaction, in just 24 hours I’ve done a ton of radio and newspaper interviews with many more ahead. 

Navigating a city centre multi-story car park , or reverse parking in a tight spot is to any, one of life’s more stressful experiences. However, according to leading business futurist Morris Miselowski, car parks as we know them could soon be a thing of the past.

The predictions are being unveiled at the annual Car Park Association annual conference, and, with the average driver wasting 106 days of their life looking for parking spaces, it could be music to the ears of many!

According to Morris, while car parks currently play a major role in our towns and cities, we will soon see a shift from a centralised system to a decentralised system, which in turn will mean less car parking spaces. This is due to fewer people driving overall, a rise in car sharing schemes and better quality public transport, not to mention an increasingly decentralised workforce, with migration from city centres to local areas.

Electronic valet parking

Technology is also set to change the way we park our cars forever. Self-parking cars will offer the biggest developments. Operating via an on-board app, cars will automatically drive around to find a space on their own, then send the owner a message to tell them where it is parked, before returning to you when you need it.  A number of major car manufacturers, including Volvo, are already trialing this technology.

Innovative airport parking

Airport parking could also become a lot cheaper. We will see a rise in Flight Car service, where instead of leaving your car in a long-stay car park, you rent it to others who need it while you’re away, before returning it cleaned and with a full tank of petrol. This is another example of the booming ‘sharing economy’ and carries with it many benefits.

Morris Miselowski, says: “Parking your car is one of those activities that no one particularly enjoys. It can be stressful, difficult, time consuming and expensive when you finally do find a space. That’s why it’s so fascinating that technology is in effect, designing-out this chore. Parking your car, manually, at least, will soon – thankfully – become a thing of the past.”

Here’s just a few of the radio interviews:

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