Watch out, here comes a falling #drone

170-drone-ss_157279382A drone hitting an athlete in Perth the other week was the starting point of my regular on-air conversation with James Lush of ABC Perth Radio’s Saturday Breakfast Show, before we went to chat about all things Future and their implications on tomorrow’s world.

The discussion soon turned to trying to predict technology and its impact on society so that we can begin to frame laws and social moray’s around what’s ahead and answer complex questions like: “is it OK for a stranger to use a wearable device such as Google Glass to take a picture of a child in a crowd” probably not, but “is it OK for Police to use the same technology to find and recognise the person trying to illicitly take the picture of the child? most probably yes.

As always a thought provoking segment exploring not only future technology, but its possible social, legal and ethical ramifications and issues, have a listen now and then let me know your thoughts.

Eye on the Future - Apr 19, 2014 | All, Horizon Trends, Radio Interview, Social, Technology, Wearable Technology
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