#Wearables set to change our world / Radio 3 Hong Kong

digital_health_John-Foxx_Stockbyte_Thinkstock HK3’s Phil Whelan was feeling a bit nostalgic this week as we looked back on the gold old days of wearing watches to tell the time and maybe the direction you’re heading in and how over the last decade or so its become “uncool”, until he recently noticed a growing band of tech wearables back on people’s wrist.

We chatted about Fitbit’s and similar wearables that were all the rage, how many early adopters seem to disillusioned with them as they find no real on going purpose in them and my belief that these devices will have a resurrection very soon as we begin to find more purposeful things to do with them.

This led us on to the incredible medical interventions and insights these devices have already brought about and will bring about, how through constantly on tech we are for the first-time getting real-time digital insights into our body and its working and the shift towards wellness that this is bringing about.

We then moved on to explore medical tech, remote medical robots, artificial intelligence diagnosis and the rise of health technology to explore a medical world that is just emerging in which we can live to 120 years of age and beyond in relatively good health using a combination of technology and human desire.

Have a listen now (16 minutes 51 seconds)…

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