{Webinar} What Now/What Next – Future of Work – Episode 3

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We’re entering the COVID-19 pre-release phase and one day closer to restarting our lives.

In this newly forming world of tomorrow it’s likely we’re going to have to readjust, rethink and rebuild what we once had and did and for many of us this will mean finding or changing jobs.

All of this on a backdrop of generational societal, business and work changes and an imminent ABS announcement that our official April unemployment rate will be 16.2% or 2.2 million Australians unemployed.

In this new unknown, uncertain, uneasy world many of us will need to find a job ASAP. Some will change the way they work, whilst others will take the opportunity for a fresh start and go in search of new directions.

All of these work journeys will require courage, foresight and future direction.

In this week’s webinar, co-hosts David Southwick MP and Morris Miselowski, explore how to find work in a COVID-19 world with one of the world’s leading employment expert’s Andrew Bassat, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder of SEEK.

Andrew will share with us: insider’s tips on current and future job markets the jobs and industries trending on Seek.com how to job search how to apply for jobs how to prepare for job interviews, and how to remain resilient and determined As always, this lively immensely practical hour will be on Facebook Live as together we discover the jobs and industries that are likely to survive and thrive during and after COVID-19 and provide step by step advice on how to find, apply and secure the job of your post COVID-19 dreams.

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