Webinar – What Now/What Next

Dealing with the stress of Covid 19

The person we were pre-COVID-19 has gone forever and with it the hopes, aspirations and dreams of the future-self we might have become.

Instead many of us are left with huge uncertainty, unable to plan long term, at the mercy of the unknown and scrambling to figure out who we are during COVID-19 and who and what we might need to become after COVID.

Following on from last week’s hugely popular Webinar looking at jobs and work now, next and after next, David Southwick MP and I (Morris Miselowski) are joined by Judith David, Clinical Psychologist to explore the human behind all of this and chat about:

• how to deal and vanquish stress
• how best to manage and thrive in uncertain times
• practical tips for harnessing evilness and using it for niceness (to quote Get Smart)
• kindfullness vs mindfullnes
• how knowing your OCEAN personality may help you cope

and then we’ll escape for a few minutes and venture into the future to explore:
• the positive legacy COVID medical research will leave us with and
• what fighting this terrible virus might look like 2030 style

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