Weird and wonderful #CES2015 | ABC WideBay

wide_bayIn my first segment back for the year David Dowsett of radio ABC Widebay and I looked at the weird and wonderful of this years Consumer Electronic Show (CES) show to see whats trending in  gadgets and what to expect in tech in 2015, including Segway like skateboards; smart shoes that tickle one foot or the other to direct you to where you’re going; belty a smart belt that expands and contracts depending on what you’ve eaten; UHDTV TV’s and curved TV’s and mobiles.

It’s good to be back on air for my fourth year of regular chats and if there’s something you’d like David and I to cover this year email me –

To hear all about the newest gadgets and thingymebobs have a listen now (7 mins 30 secs):

Eye on the Future - Feb 9, 2015 | All, Gadgets, Horizon Trends, Radio Interview, Technology, Wearable Technology
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