Welcome back to 2014

future gazing eye2014 will see Australia’s population increase by one (1) new person every 1 minute and 18 seconds, adding 364,997 more Aussie’s than we started the year with to end up with a total of 23,701,331 Aussies.

We will have three (3) Australian state elections one in South Australia in March, another in Tasmania some time in the first 1/2 of the year and finally in Victoria in November.

In food, kale, quinoa and chia are so last year, this years superfoods will be freekah and teff and we might even eat them as we enjoy the new craze of drinking tea whilst dining with friends and sharing communal food platters. Regular healthy snacking is also on the rise this year, as is purchasing fresh produce daily, rather than in bulk weekly buys.

Women’s fashion will boast peak a boo panels, optical illusion prints and 50 shades of gray.

Furniture will be smaller, multi-purpose and utilitarian and we will paint our interiors with bright colours like red, blue, green. whilst our kitchens will boast elaborate cabinetry painted in rich gemstone colours and accented with gleaming brass or chrome with dramatic back-splashes and trims.

There’s so much we already know about what 2014 might look like and so much more that we have yet to discover, innovate and invent.

This and my other 2014 trend forecasts started off my new year of  regular future gazing segments with David Dowsett on ABC radio Wide Bay. Have a listen now and let me know your trend forecasts for 2014.

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