eye lens imageAn EYE to EYE 100% customised keynote starts its life as a blank canvas, is scaffolded by client conversation and end goal requirements and then built with insight’s gleaned from methodical primary and secondary research before being embellished with a liberal dose of foresight gained from local, national and global best of mind and best of breed practitioners.

Morris’s DNA is in every one of these keynotes, it brings together his 30 years of hands on business building, successful consulting, tertiary lecturing and the laser focus and practicality of purpose he has honed working with thousands of clients across 150 plus industries.

This unique synergy of innovation, foresight and solid business know-how unite to grow an audience future landscape 100% relevant to each brief that is then crafted into a provocative multi-sensory keynote complete with case study, examples and best practice outlining the clients’ present and future possibilities.

Performance length: up to 90 minutes and can be extended into workshops, a kalEYEdoscope® program, ongoing horizon scanning reports or a consulting project.

Delivery method: keynote, board room presentation, provocation, workshop, public talk, intervention, panel discussion, round-table, talk-show, on and off site seminars, TV and radio broadcasts, webinar or blog broadcasts and also available as a live or pre-recorded digital broadcast.

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