eye doThis is the “something different” every event organiser is looking for and it will literally have your delegates out of their chairs and debating with each other about their future.

This unique hybrid performance starts with a well-crafted multi-sensory presentation transporting the audience to their future world, highlighting the horizon trends that abound, the business and industry landscape that dominates and the changes that will take place.

This provocative eye opening keynote quickly changes gear to get delegates up and talking as they move into smaller tribes to explore their possible future first hand.

Using one of the many easy to follow kalEYEdoscope® one page tools and exercises, Morris will craft a hindsEYEt, nearsEYEt or ForesEYEt experience that will take the tribes into their future and guide them through a true innovation or foresight experience.

Each tribe debates and explores their unique possible future, looking for its possibilities and meaning before reporting back to the larger village for a moderated and purposeful debate.

This incredibly addictive fast paced hybrid keynote and game is so much fun the delegates won’t even realise that they’re learning – it’s pure edutainment!

Performance length:  90 minutes plus

Audience size up to 180 people – larger size audiences upon request.

Delivery method: keynote, board room presentation, provocation, public talk, intervention, panel discussion, round-table, talk-show, on and off site seminars, TV and radio broadcasts, webinar or blog broadcasts and also available as a live or pre-recorded digital broadcast.

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