eyewitness-imageStand on the shoulders of one of the world’s most prominent business futurist Morris Miselowski and look towards tomorrow’s horizon to spot your future self and the trends that are going to impact you.

This is Morris’s most requested keynote, presented around the globe to hundreds of thousands of audience members, across 150 industries, to audiences ranging from 1 to 10,000 people, but yet it’s never the same presentation twice, built fresh each time to ensure each audience sees what they need to see and learns what they need to learn.

Morris has gained his enviable 30 year plus reputation as being Australia’s most practical business futurist not just by talking about the future, but more importantly by answering the hard questions of “So what?” and “What, if anything, do I need to do about it?”.

This visually stunning, highly engaging and interactive keynote follows Morris’s no nonsense approach and ensures that audience members not only hear the information, but also get the insights and tools they need to immediately and profitably apply it.

As well as the major horizon trends handpicked specifically  to suit the audiences industry, business and needs, Morris explains the laws of future business, emerging management and business paradigms, why innovation and foresight are business must-haves and shares some of his most widely used, easy to follow and practical step by step kalEYEdoscope® innovation and foresight tools.

This is the perfect inspirational conference opener guaranteed to broaden the thinking of any audience member and position them ready to receive the infinite possibility awaiting them. This keynote is also an incredible conference closer wrapping up and bringing together the conference themes and topics, leaving the audience upbeat, excited and ready to embrace their future.

Performance length:  20 – 90 minutes

Delivery method: keynote, board room presentation, provocation, public talk, intervention, panel discussion, round-table, talk-show, on and off site seminars, TV and radio broadcasts, webinar or blog broadcasts and also available as a live or pre-recorded digital broadcast.

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