Morris is a true master story teller and stage wizard.

A heady mixture of evocative storytelling, performance craft and awe inspiring future gazing was the recipe to Morris receiving the largest immediate number of  You Tube views, comments and likes ever for a Melbourne TEDx presentation, with his piece entitled Unlearn the Future.

Straight after the event Morris wrote:

“To have the TEDx stage for 18 minutes is a privilege and an honor. To use this global platform to tell the story of my family’s past, to introduce my ancestors who have not been spoken of or seen in over 70 years to a worldwide audience that they could never have imagined and to combine all of this with my love of the infinite possibilities of the future and what we must each do to allow these opportunities into our lives is a gift that I will cherish forever – thank you!!”

Let Morris build you a 100% custom developed future focused fable that will charm, captivate and engage your audience, but underneath pack a real wallop crammed full of the future, horizon trends, innovation know-how and how-to’s and the inspiring infinite possibility’s available in the land of tomorrow.

This inspEYEring evocative unexpected edutainment performance will be the talking point of your event!

Performance length:  15 – 60 minutes

Delivery method: keynote, board room presentation, provocation, public talk, intervention, panel discussion, round-table, talk-show, on and off site seminars, TV and radio broadcasts, webinar or blog broadcasts and also available as a live or pre-recorded digital broadcast.

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