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Morris live at TEDx Melbourne

Over the years Morris has delivered thousands of futurist, innovation and business related keynotes and workshops, here’s a sample of some of his more recent presentation topics:

• Unlearn the Future – presented by Morris at TEDx Melbourne
• horEYEzon 2014
• The world of 2020 and beyond
• 3D printing the industry changer coming to a workplace near you
• Aged Care an industry’s evolutionary future
• Agriculture and Farming
• Australian Tourism
• Tomorrow’s Banking and Financial Institutions and Practices
• The Getting of Wisdom – Big Data
• Capital Raising in a brave new digital world
• Cars – connected, semi-autonomous and autonomous
• What defines tomorrow’s best of breed and best of practice Leaders, CEO’s and Managers
• Drivers of Global, Regional and Local Change and Innovation
• Education for the 21st Century and beyond
• Evolving attitudes towards death, funerals and crematoriums
• Fuels of the Future – what’s really on the horizon between now and 2055
• The Future of Beaches, Parks and Recreation
• The Future of Beds and Sleep through to 2055
• Future of Transport – how will we be moving around between now and 2050
• Future of Travel, Tourism and Events
• Future of Work, Workers and the Workplace
• Future of Toys and Hobbies
• Future Technologies – what’s on the horizon between now and 2055
• Generational change – how 5 generations of workers can learn to work nicely together
• Global Economy – let’s get ourselves one
• Governments and Democracy in a digital world
• Hotels of the Future
• The Hotel Room of the Future
• Hyperpersonalisation – one size does not fit all
• Innovation – what is it, how to get it and what to do with it
• Internet of Things – how will a totally connected world impact on you
• Libraries and Museums their purpose and evolution
• Local Governments – their purpose in a future world
• Manufacturing – does the future of manufacturing lie in the input or output?
• Media – what’s its purpose and will it continue to exist?
• Medicine and Allied Health – is wellness and self repair a future model for medicine and well-being
• Money and Currency – the new digital economy
• New Zealand Tourism
• Philanthropy – giving in a future landscape
• Policing and Law Enforcement in the Future
• Professional Services – wisdom is the new oil – start mining now!
• Profiting from the Future
• Retail – get past the hype and hysteria to the future reality
• Robots – the tools of tomorrow
• Sharing Economy vs. Consumption Economy
• Social Media – is it even relevant in the future?
• Tapping into the Crowd for everything and anything
• The Family – its purpose and place in a 21st century world
• The Future – how to see it, plan for it and get it
• Wearable Computers – the evolution of the computer from desk to wearable accessory to body implant
• Who’s talking to whom – Human to Machine / M2M – Machine to Machine
• Work – what is it, who’s doing it and what will it become
• WTF! – What the Future!?!

Performance length: up to 90 minutes and can be extended into workshops, a kalEYEdoscope® program, ongoing horizon scanning reports or a consulting project.

Delivery method: keynote, board room presentation, provocation, workshop, public talk, intervention, panel discussion, round-table, talk-show, on and off site seminars, TV and radio broadcasts, webinar or blog broadcasts and also available as a live or pre-recorded digital broadcast.

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