What will humans do when machines do it all?

Topic:    Future of Work

an exploration of the how, why, where and when of tomorrow’s workplaces, people and machines.

People vs technology is the battle of tomorrow’s employment landscape with predictions of 500,000 jobs being transferred from humans to machines within the next decade in Australia.

We have already seen routine jobs like bank tellers, cashiers, assembly workers and others lose their jobs in favour of machines. Next to go are the routine white-collar jobs including those from within the real estate, legal and financial industries.

In this new work-space many us will work task based, where and when is appropriate, rather than a mandated 9-5; the weekend and 4 weeks holidays will be antiquated notions and instead we will work, and live fluid lives with no clear boundaries, each overlapping the other as and when “life” happens.

In this evolving new world we will have a physical
world with all its old legacy ways of doing and having things; a brand new
digital world barely out of its infancy and still to show its true adult
potential; artificial intelligence, robots, drones and androids marching
confidently over the hill; rapidly changing cultures and habits; burgeoning
connected and intelligent technologies; increasing populations; decreasing jobs
and ever-growing human desires all mixed together and simmering in a large pot
called the future.

Take a look at these new life, job and work frontiers; uncover the jobs and industries that will flourish in the future and those that will disappear; check out the workspace and workforce of tomorrow; explore digital HR and how tomorrow’s leaders will inspire and manage a dynamic diverse tribe beyond time zones, language and geography, explore why job descriptions and assessments are future poison and answer the question of what humans will do when machines are busy doing everything.