Morris is the Global Business Futurist that business, event organisers and media, from around the world, turn to first.

Morris Miselowski the man who knows your Future

“No one, not even the biggest and most established corporations are safe, and we’re all
just one innovation or technology away from becoming irrelevant or even worse, extinct”.

What do Microsoft, VISA, EY, Toshiba, Wesfarmers, Westpac, ANZ, BMW, Lendlease, Allianz, Tourism Australia, TEDx and 1000’s of other corporations, associations, businesses, individuals and government instrumentalities all have in common?

They’ve all seen their future(s) through the eyes of internationally acclaimed and award-winning Business Futurist, Morris Miselowski.

Long before start up’s, entrepreneurs and VC capital raising were trendy, Morris began his first consulting practice in the proverbial garage at home, in 1981. Within 4 years he was employing 1,000 people and at the age of 22 sold it all, to pursue his obsession – taming the future.

Morris is a visionary futurist pioneer.

Seeking out tomorrow’s possibilities long before others, thinking differently, working differently, consulting differently, experiencing life differently and profiting from the possibilities of what the future may offer, long ahead of his competition, the marketplace and most people.

He possesses a remarkable depth of wisdom, drawn from 30+ years of foresight consulting to 1000’s of global clients across 160+ industries (with specialities in the future of work, finance, education, ageing, health/wellness, society, humans, welfare/philanthropy, housing, retail, agriculture/horticulture, hospitality/events/tourism, infrastructure, transport, innovation and reputation/trust) and delivering 1000’s of keynotes, workshops, advisory sessions and consulting projects.

This and his innate ability to remain up to date and relevant in a world that’s constantly evolving are only parts of the deep well from which he draws his uncanny ability to connect broad seemingly unrelated threads of past and current occurrences, inventions, innovations, people, conversations and memes into a cohesive laser focussed specialist narrative that heralds in the story of a client’s, or audiences, future.

Morris, despite all the rumours, is not from the future, but rather of the future.

His unique human-centric first to future approach saw him profitably advise his “who’s who” of clients and audiences through the rise of the PC, the internet, social media, AI, and now takes him into advising them through the most daunting future landscape he has ever foreseen, the autonomous age, where, as newly minted Homo Cyborgs, we have begun to meld our minds and desires with technology and where everything we think we know, is up for challenge and enormous change, yet again.

Morris’s foresights do not worship at the feet of technology, but instead explore their human impacts – good and bad – and their ripple effect implications on society, family, people, work, industry and business.

His engaging, infectious and high energy style vividly brings the future to life, as he expertly drills down through today’s hype and hysteria, to arrive at tomorrow’s truth and possibility.

That’s why Ford’s in-house futurist refers to Morris as “the futurist’s futurist”, why he has been asked to join the Einstein Genius 100 Visions of the Future world think tank project,  and why his fellow futurists regularly call on him for advice and foresight.

His online influence, global thought leadership, ever expanding international network and enviable successes have for three decades helped shape the future of business and humanity and have afforded him the right to speak authoritatively, provocatively and pragmatically as he builds and presents his visions of a dynamic ever-evolving world and the myriad of possibilities and impacts it may bring.

And the line for those that want to hear and profit from what Morris sees ahead, is very long.

He is regularly seated at the global board tables of the fortune 500, whispering in the ears of C level executives and in the hushed back rooms of venture capitalist’s plotting the next big thing; as well as consulting ongoing as Resident Futurist to some of Australia’s premier businesses and Associations.

On physical and digital stage, each of his 100+ annual edutainment presentations are carefully researched and individually crafted to exceed outcomes and expectations and are delivered using a heady combination of storytelling, multi-sensory audio visuals and relevant case studies.

This allows Morris to trigger his audiences’ imagination, transporting them to their future, providing them with an easy to understand pragmatic view of what’s ahead and why, infecting them with excitement for what‘s next and beyond next, before bringing them back to today’s reality, with a clear understanding of what they need to do next and arming them with the practical tools and insights they’ll need, to immediately take full profitable advantage of it.

Morris can also be heard, seen and read around the globe through his regular media comments, appearances, segments, broadcasts, blogs and podcasts and through his regular meet and greet guided innovation tours and trade missions into Silicon Valley and the Start-Up Nation.

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