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Masthead-570_0Business futurist Morris Miselowski says the notion of a weekend and a standard five-day week with 9-5 jobs will become obsolete in the next few years as workplaces move into a world that exists on a project and task basis.

Miselowski says getting things done as, where and when they need to be done will be the norm, rather than trying to shoehorn roles into an industrial revolution-constructed work week.

He says the ability to work where and when you want will allow families to choose together time that suits them all, to be able to come together for important events and school activities and to reframe family back into the centre of activity, rather than something that must be juggled in a busy week.

Miselowski supports claims by one of Britain’s leading doctors who recently called for that country to switch to a three-day weekend.

The doctor claimed a four-day week would enhance health, wellbeing, family, society and the economy, and based it on the need for more time to relax and unwind, creating more efficient workers focused on four days of work, with the chance to hire others to work on additional days.

source The Australian August 09, 2014

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